Weds. 5th Sept. Meet and Greet. Members to show prints and welcome new
Tues. 11th Sept. Project A. Photograph my pet. Discussion and preparation
Guy Myers
Weds. 19th Sept. COMPETITION 1: Open. Prints.
Tues. 25th Sept. ‘My work as a Professional Photographer. John Gardener
Weds. 3rd Oct. Project A. Image processing/ presentation, my pet.
Tues. 9th Oct.
Get prepared for Diane’s talk on 23rd Oct. Simon Knight.
please bring your camera with instructions along on the night. The aim is to ensure that members learn how to set their cameras ready for Diane's talk. (sk)

Weds. 17th Oct. COMPETITION 2: Prints ‘Motion and Movement’
Judge: Allan Rowsell
Tues. 23rd Oct. Light Painting. (Demo and Practical) Diane Seddon
Tues. 30th Oct. Light Painting– Editing and results. Prints and DPI
Weds. 7th Nov. Project B Artificial Light, briefing. Simon Knight
Tues 13th Nov.
Weds. 21stNov. Richard Egan :
"My Photography - images, lighting and anecdotes"
Tues. 27th Nov. Project B– Image processing/ presentation. Artificial Light.

Simon Knight
Weds.5th Dec. Image Assessment Clinic. Guy, David and George
Tues. 11th Dec.
COMPETITION 4: Ladies v Gents-Open Prints
Weds19th Dec. Christmas Social
Weds. 2nd Jan. Pechakucha 20 images Max 20 seconds per image.
Tues. 8th Jan. Talk by Geoff. Bits and bobs from here and there.
Wed 16th Jan.
COMPETITION 5: A Nation of Shop Keepers
Tues.. 22nd Jan. Speaker to be confirmed..
Tues. 29th Jan Project C– briefing Leading Lines. Alan Keen.
Weds.6th Feb. Image Assessment Clinic. David , Guy
Tues. 12th Feb. Project C Image processing/presentation Leading Lines
Alan Keen

Weds. 20th Feb. COMPETITION 6: Patterns in Nature
Tues. 26thFeb. Speaker, Prints-Island Hopping

Weds 6th March. Project D– briefing My Village. Bob /Mary Fish!
Tues. 12th March. COMPETITION 7: Prints. Geometry in building &
Weds. 20th March. Hosting 3 Way Comp. David Neale.
Tues. 26th March. Project D Image processing/ presentation. My Village.

Weds. 3rd April. COMPETITION 8: England’s Green & Pleasant Land
Tues. 9th April. Project E- briefing Back Lighting. Simon Knight
Weds. 17th April.
A retun Visit by Ray Brammel.
Tues. 23rd April. ‘COMPETETION 9: Winter
Weds. 1st May. Project E Image processing /presentation Back Lighting
Tues. 7th May.
Weds. 15th May.
Tues. 28th May. Geoff’s Garden with Models bring your camera.
Weds. 5th June. Garden Shots processing. Bring prints or DPIs to show

Weds.19th June. To be confirmed . Ideas are welcome!
Weds. 3rd July. As Above
Weds. 17th July As above

No meetings in August
Meetings may have to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. To keep up to date see WEBSITE

Chairman:- Geoff Trinder
The Croft, Carrhouse Road, Belton, DN9 1PG
Tel: 01427-872051

Vice-Chair:- George Fiddler

Programme Secretary:- Vacant

Treasurer:- Bob Hartland.

Competition Secretary:- Alan Keen

External Competition Secretary:- David Neale

Committee Members:-

Mary Fish, Jean Goodburne, Guy Myers, Ivan Sedgwick

Honorary Life Members:-
Harry Snow